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Mobilization of the global economy possible without war.

A secure economy provides for the development of the world economy on the basis of the implementation of global projects. The solution of global problems is impossible without integration of scientific and creative communities, as well as national economies.
Implementation of the projects of world significance will ensure the work of the great masses of population. Provide orders of many sectors of the economy of a large number of countries. Would require closer cooperation and use of scientific and creative potential of all people of the planet. Create a new environmental guidelines. The implementation of such projects will become a bright example of the possibility of establishing a single, harmonious world. Where the principles of equality, good-neighborliness will be moral bases of society. That won't allow not under any pretext to justify armed conflicts and wars.
The construction of transport arteries between regions, parts of the world, continents, will accelerate the exchange of information, capital, energy, goods, increase the mobility of the population. The state will provide land plots and guarantees investors the tools that will be provided and invested in projects that are relevant for an unlimited period of time. Realization of projects will allow to develop a convenient and understandable mechanisms of investment and cooperation of the creative thought. These projects and the opportunities provided by the inter-ethnic language, can become a reliable basis for the creation of a sustainable global economy. Taking strategic decisions have to understand that the stability, the preservation of the investment, comfortable conditions of residence, are possible only in the global integration, based on parity conditions, unconditional guarantees of property rights, transparency.
Russia, by virtue of its geographical position and history, is the link between Europe, Asia and North America. Increase in capacity and development of the infrastructure of the Northern sea route, the Baikal-Amur railroad, the TRANS-Siberian railway, the construction of the Azov-black sea transport ring, the construction of high-speed road from Asia to Europe, the construction of a tunnel or bridge between Eurasia and North America, the creation of unified systems of transfer of raw materials and energy. This is not a complete list of projects, which will attract investments guarantees of their safety.

Learning about each other we will destroy stereotypes. For example, in Russia, science, education, medicine, communication and IT technologies, energy, including atomic, Avia-space industry, machine building, mining, timber, metallurgical, chemical, light industry, agriculture and other industries, the basis of the economy, in which the oil and gas make up 10% of GDP. In order to consumers from many countries of the world are continuously receive fuel and raw materials for the chemical industry, millions of people in the production and non-production sectors of the economy of Russia are working together, many in harsh conditions.
The global economic slowdown caused by the lack of clear prospects for the preservation and growth of capital, risk a global review of the values and business practices, threats of wars. Existing financial institutions are not able to provide, the exponentially growing money supply, secured guarantees, securities and commitments.

The current crisis is not inevitable, protracted stage of development of world economy and should not be the cause of the outbreak of local and world wars. The basis of the stability of the world economy - investment guarantees. You need to stop all the time to repeat the global crisis. In different regions and countries the economic situation is significantly different, has its own specifics.
The world economy can not develop. Population growth, increased production of goods and services. Improved production technology. Ever-growing demand for food, raw materials, instruments of production, materials.

The main fears are caused by the possibility of stagnation of the economies of the USA and the European Union, changes in the value of their currencies. Despite dire predictions, many of which did not come true, no one is interested in destabilization of the major currencies. The economic model should be based on the basis of priority of the rights of property, the protection of investment from the pre-trial methods and means of withdrawal. New global, long-term investment projects, resource-rich, real estate, the interest of the public, can fill the vacuum left after the capacity constraints and even bankruptcy of a number of financial structures of traditional investing. Implementation of the global investment projects will require the involvement of huge funds and will be provided to guarantee their preservation and augmentation. The new economic structure should be based on the increase of the role of the IMF and the world Bank. The share of participation in the management of these financial institutions of the countries of the BRIX, and a number of other countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America will inevitably increase.

Resource for world economic growth should be the introduction into the economic turnover, huge numbers are not included in economic calculations of intellectual property rights. It is necessary to create simple rules of registration and assessment of rights, automate administrative action.
The conduct of universal cadastre and real evaluation of all lands, their involvement in the financial revolution, securing of unconditional guarantees of property rights, will help to fill with real providing huge amounts of investment.

The rapid growth of the population of the planet is forcing mankind to seek ways to solve the problems of overpopulation, the increase of the anthropogenic impacts on the environment, food security, etc. The joint development of territories, resources, creation of conditions for free movement of the masses of the population and capital will allow to solve questions of a more equitable settlement, and to provide employment. In this context, Russia is a unique state with vast territories, the presence of the historically-developed community based on respect to all Nations, languages, religions. The whole history of the formation of Russian statehood vividly illustrates the possibilities of the integration of peoples, on the basis of mutual respect, co-creation, the common defence against external threats and mutual assistance.
The availability of resources, money and gold and foreign currency reserves of the state property in large enterprises and banks, the stable political system, are guarantees of investments in projects that can be implemented in Russia.

Tell about the available resources of the world economy development, projects that you would like to implement in their countries. Offer new environmental technologies. Let's hold a positive attitude.

Even with further substantial increase in the number of population of the planet, it is possible rational use of natural resources and reduction of negative impacts on the environment. The development of transport and the availability of all communications for the outside towns, the possibility of Autonomous energy generation from alternative sources, will lead to a blurring of the lines between urban and rural populations, reduce the environmental load on the most densely populated areas.
The world community has all the necessary resources and mechanisms for the stable development and prosperity of all the peoples of the world.

For the edifying not necessarily the first to be destroyed.

Zingi - a good fairy tale, which we can make come true.
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